Our mission is simple:


Early in 2015, father and son, Ian & Oliver, decided to team up to share their passions – burgers, craft beers and cocktails. We wanted to use only the best British produce - bespoke burgers, buns and sauces dressed with the finest ingredients.

The result was The Burger Shop Co. and after months of research (and many burgers, beers and cocktails later) the first TBS opened its doors in Arundel on 29 November 2016.

Burgers in Arundel and Falmouth. The Burger Shop Co. owners.



What makes us great

Our burgers

Burgers in Arundel and Falmouth.

Working closely with our Butcher, we devised our own unique recipe for the 6oz patties which means using top quality cuts of British aged beef-steak, with no additives or preservatives. As well as sourcing local fresh produce, we make as many of our sauces as we can and only stock other micro-producers brands when we know we can’t make them any better in-house, such as The Rib Man’s Holy F@*k Sauce. We are continually researching and testing the quality of our ingredients and looking for exciting new food pairings.  

Our beers

Burgers in Arundel and Falmouth. Craft Beers.

Craft Beer is characterised by its emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.   We are extremely proud of our selection of Craft Beers stocking over 25 different varieties, including vegan, gluten-free and alcohol-free. Our favourite beer partners include Gypsy Hill, Camden Brewery, Beavertown, Brewdog, Tiny Rebel and The Bristol Beer Factory.  You do have to pay a little bit more for a craft beer because the producers are small, independent companies but we will often sacrifice our margin to ensure they remain affordable.  We think it’s worth it!

Our cocktails

Burgers in Arundel and Falmouth. Cocktails.

Everyone loves a cocktail to make that night out feel just a little more special.  Our cocktail menu is designed to do simply that.  You’ll find the traditional but there’s also plenty of choice for the adventurer. Everything is made to order and all the ingredients are fresh.  No pre-mixed bottles here!  Don’t fancy any alcohol, then have a look at our equally delicious list of mocktails.  Watch out for our daily (5pm-7pm) Happy Hour offers!